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Index Setup

Index setup in HoundSleuth is done via a web interface (or via the API), it's a three step process:

  1. Create an application.
  2. Create in index for that application.
  3. Setup your index.

Create Application

Application creation.

Create an application.

Create Index

Index creation.

Create a full-text index for your application.

Setup Index - Basics

Index setup page 1

Setup your index details like name, min word length, and scoring functions.

Setup Index - Morphology

Index setup page 2

Set the morphology filters for your input data. Any changes to these filters will only affect documents added after the change.

Setup Index - Exceptions

Index setup page 3

Setup stopwords, wordforms, and tokenizing exceptions. The system uses a default set of stopwords, but you can add custom ones here to finely tune your search results.

Setup Index - HTML/XML

Index setup page 4

Setup HTML/XML handling. You can choose to strip HTML from documents or leave it in.