Add search to your site

HoundSleuth is a hosted search engine that gives you fast updates and relevant results. HoundSleuth is scalable, schema free, and easy to setup. Index your data with JSON over HTTP (or take a short cut and use the IndexTank client libraries) in real-time—no re-indexing. Scale your search to 100s of millions of documents and hundreds of requests per second. Namespace your data into different applications and indexes and enjoy the painlessness of cloud based search.

Add a Document with Curl

Add a document to the index with an ID of "1", body text of "blah" and an "author" field containing "Jim".

curl \
    -u :my_api_key \
    -X PUT \
    -H "Content-Type: application/json" \
    -d '{"docid":1,"fields":{"text":"blah", "author":"Jim"}}' \

Hosted Search

No servers to run and maintain. Easier than SQL, SOLR/Lucene and Sphinx.


IndexTank Compatible

Our API is IndexTank compatible. Simply update your search URL.


Demo - The Works of Shakespeare